Dot 3 Brake Service Kit

Fortron Brake Service Kit Dot 3 is a convenient and handy service kit designed for service ease and application. 

Fortron Brake Service Kit Dot 3 was designed specifically to provide a controlled application issue without the need to stock excessive bulk quantities in the workshop. This is much more effective for stock control and job costing. 

Summary of Benefits 

Brake Fluid – Dot 3 

  • High quality Brake Fluid suitable for Cars, Trucks, Buses and Motorbikes. 
  • A special low moisture absorption brake fluid.
  • High temperature boiling point.
  • Convenient 500ml bottle.
  • Meets requirements of certain Toyota models and other manufacturers calling for Dot 3 Brake Fluid.

Brake and Parts Cleaner 

  • Convenient 200ml can. 
  • Easy to use and able to get into tight cavities – 360° spray valve.
  • Cleans without the need for brake dismantling.
  • Removes brake fluid, grease and other contaminates.
  • Effective in cleaning all non painted metal surfaces of grease and other contaminates.
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Product Data

Safety Data Brake & Parts Cleaner

Safety Data Dot 3 Brake Fluid