Dot 3 Disc Brake & Clutch Fluid

 Fortron Disc Brake & Clutch Fluid – Dot 3 is a heavy duty polyglycol based brake fluid designed to meet the needs and demands of both light and heavy weight vehicles, where a Dot 3 is required. Compatible with all metals and rubber seals, typically used in automotive braking systems. An additional safety feature is its ability to sustain heavy duty vapour lock temperatures throughout its service life. 

Suitable for all disc and drum braking systems used in average to high performance vehicles with high thermal load around the braking system. 

Further Benefits 

  • May be used for both initial fill and after-care markets. 
  • Suitable for hydraulic clutch systems.
  • Meets requirements of certain Toyota models and other manufacturers’ calling for Dot 3 brake fluid.
  • Meets the following performance requirements:-

– AS/NZ 1960.1 – 2005 (Grade 1) 

– SAE J1703 

– FMVSS No. 116 (Dot 3) 

– ISO 4925 Class 3 

– GM 4653M Type 450 

– Ford ESW-FM6C-2 

– Toyota (models requiring Dot 3) 


Brake fluid must be topped up, filled or replaced as specified in the manufacturers’ handbook – usually every 24 months. 

Do not contaminate brake fluid with dust, water or mineral oil products. 

Not recommended where Dot 4 fluids are recommended.

Available in 500ml/20L


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