Differential Treatment

Fortron Differential Concentrate is a balanced concentrate of anti-wear, anti-scuffing, extreme pressure, lubricant, nonfoaming and viscosity modified treatment. It is an industry tested and approved material against A.P.I. service classiffication GL4 – GL5 (and now superseded GL6) US Military MIL-L-21058 and CS-3000B requirements also meeting A.C.M.A. requirements. Fortron Differential Concentrate added to normal differential oil provides additional protection against lubricant film rupture under conditions of shock loading. Unlike some extreme pressure lubricant assistants, Fortron Differential Concentrates give protection under lower load conditions. Extreme pressure additives require temperature and pressure to initiate a reaction, which produces the extreme pressure protection.

Fortron Differential Concentrate contains Shear-Stable Polyisobutelene Viscosity Index Improvers, Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Oxidation properties. Designed scientifically to provide MAXIMUM lubrication and friction to all vehicles final drives and differentials requiring an E.P. (extreme pressure) oil i.e. API GL4 and GL5 specification.

• Formulated to extend crown wheels, pinion, bearing and seal life
• Helps gears run smoother, quieter and cooler
• Helps improve lubrication
• Helps reduce friction and drag
• Helps to increase power to ground application
• Helps increase service life of gear components


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