Automatic Transmission & Power Steering Treatment

Fortron Automatic Transmission Concentrate is a truly concentrated fully balanced additive package, exhaustively tested against the specific requirements of modern automatic transmissions and power steerings. Giving control over frictional characteristics; oil oxidation; viscosity (thickness); wear; seal life; leakage; vibration; foaming; shudder and shift feel.

Use of Fortron Automatic Transmission & Power Steering Concentrate will assist to increase service life of modern automatic transmissions, including those incorporating a C.S.T.C.C. (continuously slipping torque convertor clutch). The concentrated nature of Fortron Automatic Transmission Concentrate is by design to ensure the fine balance of properties in the existing automatic transmission fluid is maintained and thus performance enhanced. When used as directed this product helps smooth the operation of both transmissions and power steering, conditioning seals and ‘O’ rings.

• Helps lubricate transmission and power steering
• Helps maintain internal transmission pressure and helps prevent oil leaks
• Helps combat gum and sludge build up and fluid oxidation
• Reduces power steering pump noise
• Helps eliminate wear, scuffing and pilling
• Helps eliminate shudder &vibration
• Helps maintain friction characteristics
• Helps prevent oxidation


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