Auto Trans Flush Service Kit

Fortron Automatic Transmission Service, utilizing the Fully Automatic Transmission Flush Machine, is designed to allow quick and easy exchange of Automatic Transmission Fluid, while providing a fully balanced treatment package to extend the life of the automatic transmission. 


  • 100% of ATF replaced during service operation. 
  • Fast and efficient way of completely exchanging transmission fluid—15-20 minutes per Service.
  • Fully automatic, user friendly, safe and reliable operation.
  • Safe and compatible service kit includes Flush and
  • Conditioning Treatment.
  • Great ‘value add’ service opportunity for Workshop Service Centres.

Did You Know 

Almost 90% of transmission fluid failures are due to dirty and overheated Automatic Transmission Fluid according to the ATRA – Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. Regular and complete Automatic Transmission Fluid exchange will ensure fluid remains clean and may prevent expensive premature failure. 

After Service Benefits 

  • Smoother and quieter operation. 
  • Safely removes varnish, sludge and oxidized fluids.
  • Optimise transmission efficiency.
  • Prolong transmission life.
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