Solvent Degreaser

Fortron Solvent Degreaser is a powerful blend of solvents and emulsifying surfactants designed for cleaning, dispersing and degreasing operations by soak, spray or brush application.

• Fortron Solvent Degreaser is ideal for general clean-up operations on engines, heavy machinery, compressors and workshop equipment, floors and driveways. It is suitable for cleaning bilges and tanks and for treating oil spills on decks and piers.
• This product is also recommended for pre-cleaning prior to alkaline cleansing or decarbonising operations. It can also be used for dewaxing vehicles, spot cleaning and degreasing of painted surfaces, providing there is an immediate cold water rinse afterwards.

Safety Precautions Fortron Solvent Degreaser contains hydrocarbon solvents. Prolonged exposure to the skin may remove natural fats and cause irritation. For further information consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.


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