Quick Break Degreaser

Fortron Quick Break Degreaser is an aerosol delivered concentrate, designed to penetrate oil, grease and grime with strong emulsifying agents to enable flushing away with water.


In formulating Fortron Degreaser we balanced the need for strong action with the need to ensure painted, plastic and rubber surfaces are not attacked. Any compromise needs the application of common sense – avoid spraying on surfaces where finish is important and always allow enough time for degreaser to work.
Fortron Degreaser has strong penetrating properties, is easy to flush and does not leave an ‘oily’ film. The thickness and age of any grime determines how much time should be allowed to enable effective penetration and emulsification by the degreaser.


Fortron Degreaser is effective for:
• Automotive
• Industrial
• Domestic
• Farm
• Marine
• Mining

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