Long Life Coolant – Premium Red

Fortron Long Life Coolant – Premium Red is formulated using a powerful corrosion inhibitor package to ensure maximum protection for all engines. It is suitable for passenger cars, 4WDs and light duty diesel vehicles made in Australia, Japan, Europe, Korea and North America.

• 5 years or 250,000km lifetime in automotive applications at 50% dilution.
• Fully compatible with General Motors Dexcool.
• Extended shelf life stability (5 years). No possibility of silicate drop-out or gel formation.
• Product is free of silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrates, nitrites and amines.
• Compatible with other long life organic coolants free of silicate.
• Provides excellent value as an aluminium compatible, universal, long life engine coolant.
• Suitable for vehicles using red / orange coolants


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