Fresh Zone

The evaporator within any A/C system can provide an excellent breeding ground for germs, fungus and microorganisms, which can be known to cause illness and respiratory problems.

Fortron Fresh Zone is a highly effective foaming cleaner designed for complete sanitisation within any type of A/C system. This fast acting formula produces a long lasting freshness and protects by eliminating toxic bacteria. Simple application takes less than 2 minutes. Feed tube through air conditioning vents to reach into evaporator core. Its foaming formulation is ideal for cleaning  stubborn dirt found deep within the evaporator, destroying harmful bacteria at the point of origin.

• Cleans and refreshes
• Eliminates bacteria & odours
• Kills germs & reduces allergens
• Suitable for any type of A/C

• Quick and easy to use
• Total A/C deep clean
• Restores new car smell
• Long lasting freshness
• Use in conjunction with FACT


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