Fleet Wash

Fortron Fleet Wash is a general purpose cleaner / detergent for use in the cleaning of heavy machinery, trucks, mining equipment, car washing and steam cleaning, garages and workshops, doors, kitchens, ablutions, factories, aircraft, canteens, offices, etc.

• Fortron Fleet Wash is a carefully blended composition of surfactants and wetting agents which will emulsify dirt and hold it in suspension.
• Fleet Wash is water based, fully biodegradable, non-fammable and can therefore be used in an underground application and in any area where flammable products are prohibited.
• Fleet Wash will not harm paintwork and will remove grease, oil, dirt and grime from all hard surfaces. The product has a high dilution rate and is therefore very economical in usage.
• The versatility of this product will meet all cleaning and maintenance requirements of all hard surfaces in domestic, commercial and industry applications.


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