Cooling System Treatment 5000

Fortron Cooling System Treatment 5000 is a corrosion inhibiting automotive cooling system treatment. It is a water based product containing a pH-bu ered blend of additives, including triazoles, molybdates and organic acids, known to retard the corrosion of cast iron, steel, aluminium alloy, brass, copper and solder. Fortron Cooling System Treatment 5000 also contains hot surface scale inhibitors and sequestrants to reduce the formation of hard water scaling, and associated hot-spot corrosion, and anti-foam additives to reduce cavitation corrosion.

Fortron Cooling System Treatment 5000 exceeds the performance requirements of the following standards:
• ASTM D 1384 “Standard Test Method for Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware” using 40ml per litre hard water.
• ASTM D 4340 “Standard Test Method for Corrosion of Cast Aluminium Alloys in Engine Coolants under Heat Rejecting Conditions” using 40ml per litre hard water.
• Australian / New Zealand Standard 2108.1:1997 “Engine Coolants Type A and Type B for Engine Cooling Systems” using 40ml per litre hard water.

• Helps maintain cooling system efficiency
• Helps reduce foaming
• Helps stop rust and corrosion
• Helps inhibit electrolysis
• Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non- flammable

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