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Engine Flush

Fortron Engine Flush is an advanced chemical formulation suitable for use in all internal combustion engine. Fortron believes Engine Flush is the most effective product on the market. Click for Features

Lifter Free

Fortron Lifter Free is a balanced blend of hydrocarbon carriers and petrochemical based organic solvents, which act by removing deposits allowing full and rapid oil flow to all working parts. Click for Features


Auto Trans & Power Steering Concentrate (Wide Spectrum)

Specifically formulated for the wide variety of transmission and power steering types prevalent in the Australian and SE Asian markets Click for Features

 Differential Concentrate

Fortron Differential Concentrate is a balanced concentrate of anti-wear, anti-scuffing, extreme pressure, lubricant, non-foaming and viscosity modified treatment. Click for Features

Manual Gearbox Treatment

Fortron Manual Gearbox Treatment is scientifically blended to extend the life of bearings, gears and seals.. Click for Features

Cooling System Flush

Fortron Cooling System Flush is a specially formulated flush and cleaning agent to deliver the optimum cooling system cleaning to provide enhanced efficiency. Click for Features

Cooling System Stop Leak

Fortron Cooling System Stop Leak helps stop leaks in the cooling system with a minimum of effort. A quick and convenient way of avoiding costly repairs. 

Auto Transmission Stop Leak

Fortron Automatic Transmission Stop Leak is an ash free seal conditioning fluid for automatic gearboxes. Also for power steering units using Dexron II type fluids. Click for Features

Engine Stop Leak

Fortron Engine Stop Leak is scientifically blended to effectively and quickly help ‘O’ rings to regain tolerance and flexibility. Will also help reduce oil consumption and stop annoying oil leaks. Click for Features

Oil Conditioner

Fortron Oil Conditioner is a fully balanced treatment complement designed to conform to the world’s leading crankcase oil specifications. Click for Features

Oil Fortifier

Helps reduce oil burning, maintaining oil pressure by boosting the viscosity performance of lubricants. Click for Features