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Fuel Products

Diesel System Treatment

Fortron Diesel System Treatment is a scientifically formulated product containing a balanced blend of detergents, dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, lubricating agents and biocide. Click for Features

Fuel Booster Treatment

Fortron Fuel Booster Treatment is a very highly concentrated treatment and fuel enhancer, designed to combat deposits in the fuel injection systems of modern motors. Click for Features

Diesel Turbo Cleaner

Fortron Diesel Turbo Cleaner is formulated to assist in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of the turbine and turbine housing in Diesel Turbo Chargers.

Hi-Tane Diesel Fuel Sys. Booster

Fortron Hi-Tane Booster has been developed particularly for the purpose of increasing Diesel Cetane, resulting in improved overall engine performance.

Injector Max Petrol RTG

A simple and effective method of cleaning petrol  fuel systems without the removal of injectors from the vehicle.   Click for Features

Injector Max Diesel RTG

A simple and efective method of cleaning diesel  fuel systems without the removal of injectors from the vehicle.
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Petrol Injector Cleaner

Fortron Petrol Injector Cleaner is a very highly concentrated cleaning treatment designed to combat deposits in fuel injection systems of modern motor vehicle engines. Click for Features


Specifically formulated to aid and assist when in-house DPF regeneration is required.

Total Fuel System Treatment

Fortron Total Fuel System Treatment is a specially advanced technology product scientifically formulated for use with all types of petrol and diesel engine in most industries. Click for Features

New DPF Kit
Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment

Fortron Diesel Particulate Treatment (DPF) has been formulated as a fuel tank additive to treat the DPF contamination and as a preventive maintenance tool.