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One Shot Coolant

Fortron One Shot Coolant is a specially formulated Hybrid Coolant that contains a premium blend of ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors. Click for Features

40% Glycol Premix

40% Glycol Premix Coolant is a phosphate-free and amine-free, fully formulated, low silicate hybrid technology coolant. Click for Features

50/50 Glycol Premix

50/50 Glycol Premix Coolant is a phosphate-free and amine-free, fully formulated, low silicate hybrid technology coolant.  Click for Features

Anti Freeze – Anti Boil

Fortron Anti-freeze/ Boil Coolant is a specially formulated Universal Coolant that provides superior protection against engine cooling system corrosion, particularly aluminium.Click for Features

CFI Coolant
CFI Coolant

Fortron CFI (Complete Fill Inhibitor) Coolant is an advanced pre-mix formulation cooling system treatment that provides maximum cooling system protection and efficiency on all types of vehicles. Click for Features

Cooling System 5000

Fortron Cooling System 5000 is a super concentrate water based coolant that contains proprietary organic acid technology (OAT). Click for Features

Long Life Coolant – Premium Red

Fortron Long Life Coolant – Premium Red is formulated using a powerful corrosion inhibitor package to ensure maximum protection for all engines. Click for Features

Cooling System Treatment

Fortron Cooling System Treatment is designed to extend the engine coolant life while maintaining maximum cooling system protection.

Ultra Blue Long Life Coolant

Fortron Ultra Blue Long Life Coolant is a low silicate, phosphate-free, nitrite free and amine free hybrid organic acid long life coolant for automotive and heavy duty diesel. Click for Features

Cooling System Flush

Fortron Cooling System Flush is a specially formulated flush and cleaning agent to deliver the optimum cooling system cleaning to provide enhanced efficiency. Click for Features

Cooling System Stop Leak

Fortron Cooling System Stop Leak helps stop leaks in the cooling system with a minimum of effort. A quick and convenient way of avoiding costly repairs. Click for Features