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Big Orange Degreaser

Fortron Big Orange Degreaser is an extremely powerful water based degreaser formulated for effective removal of heavy grease and soil deposits. Click for Features

Citrus Hand Cleaner

Fortron Citrus Hand Cleaner is a petroleum free, cream type water base hand cleaner with fine mild abrasive polymer beads to boost cleaning action. Click for Features

Clean Up Hand Cleaner

Fortron Clean Up Hand Cleaner is an environmentally friendly premium grade handcleaner that is hard on dirt and soft on the skin.  Click for Features


Fortron Eco-Safesolve is a solvent based, non-sulphate, hydrocarbon free,  biodegradable new age degreaser. Click for Features


Fortron Eco-San is an antibacterial hand gel that does not require water. Ideal for use before food preparation, after animal contact, toilet use and whenever hygiene is required. Click for Features

Fleet Wash

Fortron Fleet Wash is a general purpose cleaner / detergent for use in the cleaning of heavy machinery, trucks, mining equipment, car washing and steam cleaning. Click for Features

HD Cleaner

For safe and effective removal of heavy grease and soil deposits encountered in kitchen, food preparation areas, plant, machinery and workshops. Click for Features

Multi Solvent Cleaner

Fortron Multi- Solvent Cleaner is a highly refined and fast drying solvent that makes it extremely versatile and suitable for almost any application. Click for Features

Screen Wash

Fortron Screen Wash helps keep the screen clear from smears and assists in the removal of residual road film. Suitable for year round use.. Click for Features

Solvent Degreaser
Solvent Degreaser

Fortron Solvent Degreaser is a powerful blend of solvents and emulsifying surfactants for cleaning, dispersing and degreasing operations by soak, spray or brush.Click for Features

Triple Clean

Fortron Triple Clean is an all powerful detergent degreaser and when mixed at a dilution rate of 1 part to 5 parts water is 90% as effective as a solvent based degreaser. Click for Features

Tyre Rejuvenator Silicone Based

Tyre Rejuvenator is designed to enhance the appearance of vehicle tyres and rubber mouldings by imparting an attractive wet look gloss. Click for Features

Tyre Rejuvenator Water Based

Tyre Rejuvenator is designed to enhance the appearance of vehicle tyres and rubber mouldings by imparting an attractive wet look gloss. Click for Features

Wash ‘n Wax

A concentrated low foaming formula that cleans, shines and protects metal surfaces. Click for Features

Vinyl & Plastic Reviver

Fortron Vinyl & Plastic Reviver is a water and silicone based emulsion, providing  a virtually non-slip protective coating, and sealer,  suitable for all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Click for Features

Window Cleaner

Fortron Window Cleaner is a very economical cleaner for all glass, mirrors and chrome surfaces. It will lift off dirt and grime quickly, leaving a sparkling, streak-free surface. Click for Features


Fortron universal cleaning sponge can be used for many applications, soft foam,  will not mark or scratch  painted or polished surfaces. Click for Features

Safety Gloves

Fortron nitrile Safety Gloves  have a high degree of fexibility and superior solvent resistance. Click for Features

Fortron Shield

Fortron Shield is a range of products designed to protect the car inside and out. Cars are exposed to environmental elements and over time will cause the paintwork to become dull and stained. Click for Features

Safety Parts Wash

Fortron Safety Parts Wash is a typical solvent degreaser for industrial application. It is widely used in parts wash baths  as a safety solvent degreaser. Click for Features